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Tue 16th Mar 2021 at 7:45pm ends 10:00pm

Storytelling , One-Liner, Political, Topical, Observational, Musical, Stand-Up Comedy

Late Stage Comedy presents:

Late Stage Comedy, New Material Night!


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Hello and welcome to Late Stage Comedy, a new material comedy night giving performers the chance to test out new material and/or try something new in these strange and trying times. Doors 7:45, host on stage at 8. 

"Like an actual comedy club, but on Zoom," The Edi Johnston Bit. 

The event will be hosted in a (closed) Zoom event - we ask that audience members keep their cameras on and microphones unmuted so the performers receive live laughter, applause and encouragement. 

Our fantastic line-up on 16th March is as follows: 

Sam Serrano brings a trademark style of humour which is equally dark and self deprecating. They have “killer lines” (Chortle) which prove they “put the X in X Factor” (York Press) and are “on the verge of an applauses break throughout the whole of their set” (Notts Comedy) making them a “game changer of an act” (Concept Comedy)
Follow them on social media: Facebook - Sam Serrano Comedian, Instagram - Samserranoham, Twitter - Samserranoham, TikTok - Serrano Comedy, YouTube - Serrano

Bex is a high energy, surreal stand-up comedienne of 7 years who adds a surreal edge to the topics she explores. Also she includes celebrity impressions in her sets, the top one being Su Pollard from Hidey Hi and more recently Joe Lycett. 
“Charming and hilarious love child of Tommy Cooper, Eddie Izzard and Victoria Wood” 
Sajeela Kershi (Comedienne and host of Comedy Cottage and The Immigrant Diaries). 
“Rebekka Turner, if her comedy seems frenetic that’s because it is. Fearlessly funny, gorgeously unhinged and imaginative, you will not get bored watching Rebekka” (Funny Women).
Follow her on Instagram - @bexturnercomedy and Twitter - @BexTurnerComedy 

Annameka is a female immigrant, living the London life, sharing her unique point of view!
Follow her at @annamekaandrade and her website

Mark is an Autistic comic who takes stereotypes about Autism and turns them on their head.
Follow him on Twitter - @mbcomedian1, Insta - @markburkwood and TikTok - @markburkwood 

Professor John is ageing, pedantic, confused and surprisingly crude for a learned gentleman. He steps out of his academic ivory tower to give you the benefit of his 60+ years’ wisdom; at least, that's what he calls it.

Earth's funniest footwear. Award-winning sock puppet comedy double act.
Follow them across social media as @falsettosocks

Bizarre observations of the modern world with classic jokes thrown in for good measure. He doesn’t want to redefine comedy, just do it really well.
SimonSaysStandUp on Facebook and Simon Hall or the Twenty Seven Minute Comedy Hour on YouTube


Kitty Messalina is a triple threat - a queer woman of colour. Her unique perspectives on prejudice, promiscuity and polyamory quickly earned her a nomination as a Finalist for the NCF New Act of the Year Award 2019. With anecdotes about political foreplay, accidental threesomes and lesbian sheep, delivered with "an honesty and vivacity" (Notts Comedy Review), she’s excited to kick off this platform for new acts and new material.
Find her on Facebook:

John Morris is absolutely no threat - a straight white man. John’s an improviser and a comedian from Nottingham. He also hosts the task-based panel show ‘Larklord’ for MissImp: Improv Comedy Nottingham. He’s also relatively excited about Late Stage Comedy, though he wrote this after designing all the posters, so who knows?
Follow John on Twitter @johnjamesmorris 

Our club ethos can be found here:

Our club ethos can be found here: 

We’re really looking forward to this inclusive, supportive event and encourage audience members to cheer on the acts as they test their new material. 

Late Stage Comedy runs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month every month, with a bonus event on the 5th Tuesday of the month whenever there is one. 

Like us on Facebook: /LateStageComedyClub and Follow us on Twitter: @LateStageComedy

Line Up:
Sam Serrano
Simon Hall
John James Morris
Kitty Messalina
Bex Turner
Annameka Andrade
Professor John
Mark Burwood
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

Age Restrictions:
18 plus

Venue opens at:

Venue closes at:

Other Information:

Details will be sent via Zoom link. Doors are at 7:45, host comes on stage at 8pm. Please keep mics and camera on to help create a good atmosphere (unless there's a good reason not to). 



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Tracy B reviewed Late Stage Comedy, New Material Night! which happened on 7:45pm on Tue 16th Mar 2021.

Fresh, topical and funny and that was Kitty, the host, the acts were equally excellent! Great evening! 💫

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Review left at 8:10pm on Wed 17th Mar 2021

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