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Tue 20th Apr 2021 at 7:45pm ends 10:10pm

Late Stage Comedy presents:

Late Stage Comedy, New Material Night!


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Hello and welcome to Late Stage Comedy, a new material comedy night giving performers the chance to test out new material and/or try something new in these strange and trying times. Doors 7:45, host on stage at 8. 

"Like an actual comedy club, but on Zoom," The Edi Johnston Bit. 

The event will be hosted in a (closed) Zoom event - we ask that audience members keep their cameras on and microphones unmuted so the performers receive live laughter, applause and encouragement.

Our fantastic line-up on 20th April is as follows: 


Rachel is an award-winning Scottish actress and comedian who recently won the Herald Scottish Culture Award ‘One to Watch’ prize and trained at Rose Bruford. 

She was nominated for the Spotlight Prize, and also nominated for Best New Comedian at the Scottish Variety Awards and the Scottish Comedy Awards. 

She plays Wendy in the recently released feature film 'Beats' from Ken Loach's production company, with executive producer Steven Soderbergh. 'Beats' was part of 'The Great 8' which was shown at a private screening at Cannes. She also played Donna in Karen Gillan's directorial debut 'The Party's Just beginning' which went to TriBeCa Film Festival in NYC as well as the Glasgow International Film Festival, and was nominated for best feature film at the Scottish Baftas. 

She has had roles in TV Shows such as 'Outlander' (Starz) ‘Still Game’ (BBC One) 'Two Doors Down' (BBC Two) Scot Squad (BBC One) and ‘The State Of It’ (BBC Scotland). She also wrote and starred in a 6 part mini series for BBC Three called 'Bunny Boiler', as well as a show of the same title at the Edinburgh Fringe which did very well critically. 

As well as acting, Rachel is a working stand-up comedian and has three solo shows under her belt (Bunny Boiler, Force of Nature and Slutty Little Goldfish), having performed everywhere from the UK to Berlin, Beijing, NYC, Tokyo and LA. She has also written and performed in sketches for BBC Scotland, BBC Writers Room and Channel 4. 

Follow her on Twitter - @r_jacz 


Colleen Cheetham-Gerrard, despite the name, is not a columnist for the Daily Telegraph. She's a stand-up, professional speaker and geek based in London in exile from her beloved north-west England. Conversational, witty & only periodically fuming about life. 

Follow her on Twitter - @thecolleencg and @strfemaleleads 


A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of Edward Roworth. (Edward Roworth is a prop-based surreal comedian.) 

Find him on Facebook - 


Amanda Urban is a farm raised German country bumpkin. She loves big cities because potatoes don't grow on concrete. Commenting on life as a German woman in her 30s, garnished by her experience growing up on an organic farm, Amanda brings observational material about her family to the stage. 

Follow her on Instagram - @_amanda.urban 


Ben's a middle aged man exploring the aging process and how his body is not quite what it used to be. 


Mark is new to stand-up and describes himself as a “deadpan joke writer”. 

Find him on Facebook - 


The Hungry Enby is a stand-up that likes sitting down, to talk about autism, transness, gender and all the "non complicated" stuff. Or at least they would be if they weren't thinking about food and actually read their set... 

Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as “The Hungry Enby”. 



Kitty Messalina is a triple threat - a queer woman of colour. Her unique perspectives on prejudice, promiscuity and polyamory quickly earned her a nomination as a Finalist for the NCF New Act of the Year Award 2019. With anecdotes about political foreplay, accidental threesomes and lesbian sheep, delivered with "an honesty and vivacity" (Notts Comedy Review), she’s excited to kick off this platform for new acts and new material. 

Find her on Facebook: 


John Morris is absolutely no threat - a straight white man. John’s an improviser and a comedian from Nottingham. He also hosts the task-based panel show ‘Larklord’ for MissImp: Improv Comedy Nottingham. He’s also relatively excited about Late Stage Comedy, though he wrote this after designing all the posters, so who knows? 

Follow John on Twitter @johnjamesmorris

Our club ethos can be found here:

We’re really looking forward to this inclusive, supportive event and encourage audience members to cheer on the acts as they test their new material.

Late Stage Comedy runs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month every month, with a bonus event on the 5th Tuesday of the month whenever there is one.

Like us on Facebook: /LateStageComedyClub and Follow us on Twitter: @LateStageComedy

Line Up:
Rachel Jackson
Colleen Cheetham-Gerrard
Edward Roworth
The Hungry Enby
Ben Harrington
Mark Kennedy
Amanda Urban
John James Morris
Kitty Messalina

Age Restrictions:
18 plus

Venue opens at:

Venue closes at:

Other Information:

Details will be sent via Zoom link. Doors are at 7:45, host comes on stage at 8pm. Please keep mics and camera on to help create a good atmosphere (unless there's a good reason not to). 



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