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We Are Funny Project
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Farrs, Dalston Lane, London, UK


We Are Funny Project will reach its' 10th birthday in 2023.

Alfie Noakes created WAFP to provide maximum stage time for open mic comedians, and indeed, acts of all levels.

The Project began with lots of open mic shows.

Then added a range of live and in-person workshops on different elements of producing comedy. Including, but not limited to:

* Comedy Storytelling

* MCing

* Sit-Com Writing and Development

* Clowning & Physical Comedy

* Writing Clean Comedy

* Punch-Up Your Stand-Up

and more...

With lots of shows, live workshops, then came the online courses for developing comedians across the planet.

Study at any time, pace or place. Lifetime access for considerably less money than an in-person course.

For the Beginner, being a newbie through to anyone with around 100 gigs, there is "Stepping Into Stand-Up Comedy". there are 22 sessions, each with an individual challenge at the end of each, said, session.

For the more advanced "new" act, being more than 100 gigs, the choice might be "Stepping Forward In Stand-Up Comedy". Again, fun and potent challenges at the end of each session.

Finally, there is, the self-explanatory, "How to Be a Brilliant Stand-Up Comedy MC" course. Challenges, tips, lots of pain-saving advice!

Each are wonderfully reviewed as on www.wearefunnyproject.com

Stage time, lessons, experience, advice, laughs... We Are Funny Project. Accept no substitute.