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Actress & Bishop, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham, UK


Trigger Warning is a comedy show where comedians will go head to head in a series of rounds, to be successful the comics will have to think on the spot, be quick-witted, and be ready for anything!

The best part is that every show is different, there's no way of planning what the audience is going to suggest so it's up to you! No topic is off limits so no pressure, be creative, this could be anything from current events to abstract ideas, people and everyday things & anything at all! The pressure is on the comics as the jokes have to be good, not all jokes are created equal.

Doors Open 7.30pm, Starts at 8pm, we'll be taking your suggestions before the show starts so get there early, and be creative with it!

"The best and only weapon a comedian has on stage is the material" but that won't be allowed here...