Nathan Virica


North West, UK


'S'up, motherfu*kers! 

My name is Nathan Virica. I am a stand-up comedian and the former promoter and host of The Lock-Inn Comedy Club at Lock 91 in Deansgate. Under my running of it, it was always sold out and hugely successful (the second of which broke the then-record for takings at the bar on a Friday night for all events). 

I would dearly love to start running gigs again. The main reasons are that it's great fun and I've proven to be bloody good at it. If you're reading this, are based in the north west of England and are looking for someone to start running comedy gigs for you; look no further! Please feel free to get in contact and we can hopefully sort something out. Needless to say, I can provide references upon request. 

*Miscellaneous*: I also have experience of hosting pub quizzes and the occasional music night, so I can turn my hand to things other than pure stand-up nights. 

I look forward to hearing from y'alls,