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Birmingham, UK


Kd Comedy Inc is the new comedy brand bringing you a smorgasbord of online podcasts & live comedy events to keep you all happy and entertained wherever you are!
Live Events: Kd Comedy Inc brings you live comedy events around the Birmingham (England) area and beyond. Including a variety of the best comedians around the UK comedy circuit, from comedy newbies to "why the f*ck are you here!"
Podcasts/Online content: Kd Comedy Inc Podcasts consist of various Podcasts hosted by resident Comedic Babyface Kd HInken, including the InYourHouse podcast where he chats to a different comedian each time, think JRE without any of the financial backing. 
Plus the Kill them with Comedy Podcast, a podcast where stand-up comedians Nathan Parish & Kd Hinken break down various topics from the world of true crime, unsolved mysteries or any and all interesting subjects, not all conspiracies are created equally stupid.  (Plus video versions on youtube and new video based content coming soon!)