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Sat 1st Feb 2020 at 12:00pm ends 5:00pm on 2nd Feb 2020

The Southern Belle, Waterloo Street, Hove, UK

Chris Head Comedy presents:

Stand-up Course Brighton with Chris Head - Weekend Intensive

New in Brighton! In the experienced hands of Chris Head (comedy director, teacher and author of "A Director's Guide to the Art of Stand-up") you will be guided through developing your persona, creating material and delivering it so it works. All experience levels welcome. The course will meet you where you're at. Newer acts or beginners will grow in confidence and develop their first material. Acts with experience will find out more about their persona and comic style, will add some tools to their toolkit and will develop new material.

Saturday 1st February 12pm-6pm
Sunday 2nd February 11am-5pm

@ The Southern Belle, 3 Waterloo St, Hove BN3 1AQ

Stand up improvisation games and other practical exercises will:

Help you find your persona
Give you practical experience of how comedy techniques such as rule-of-three, misdirection and set-up/payoff work in stand-up
Allow you to practice performance skills like act-outs and dialogue in a supported context
Teach you the skills you need to deliver your act and work the room.
Inspire you to create new material
Create a freer and more dynamic performance style
Enable you to be more naturally interactive with the audience

If you already have some stand-up experience this is your chance to develop new material, or if you're a beginner you will develop your first routine which will serve as a foundation to build on using the skills you will have learned. At the end of the second day you will have the opportunity to perform the material in an optional showcase in front of any local friends, colleagues and family who can come and along and support. (People often come from far and wide for Chris' weekends so don't worry if you can't get anyone to come along! It's an informal chance to show our work from the weekend to a fresh audience).


“Chris Head was very nurturing and encouraging – any joke we came up with had potential and could be salvaged with some tweaks in wording and delivery. His command of comedic theory was useful in helping us see the matrix of stand-up (and even indirectly provided insight into generating premise for longform improv).” Dani Alon, July 2018

“[The course] was laid out in a very logical way with lots of time at the mic, I think it was extremely well structured.”Course participant, July 2018

“[I liked] Chris’ flexibility in facilitating everyone’s individual style/persona. Was really well designed to produce a fun evening at the end of the course.” Course participant, July 2018

"Everyone managed to craft five minutes of comedy delivered with surprising confidence and pizazz on the night [of the end-of-course show]. The performances I saw were incredibly polished and (thankfully) very funny. While naturally some were funnier than others, I would never have guessed they were a bunch of first timers." London Evening Standard

"His knowledge of comedy was captivating, encyclopedic."
BBC Arts Editor, Will Gompertz

"The idea person to nurture new talent."
The Guardian

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Full fee

£99.00 - Available

For people who are low waged, on benefits or in need for a reduction. This is offered on trust. You will not be asked to prove your status.

£89.00 - Available

The balance will be payable in the week the course starts.

£50.00 - Available

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