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Steve Hili wants to save the world (and get his leg over)

The Oakwood Fringe

The Oakwood, High Street West, Glossop, UK

20:00 on 07/07/2019

21:00 on 07/07/2019


A high-octane story-telling show with a climatic, anarchic end to it – an in-your-face mixture of politics and sex jokes with a bit of real, actual, activism thrown in too!

The show hinges on two main themes:
1. The world is screwed and Steve feels guilty. (And being brought up catholic he knows a thing or two about guilt).
2. As a bit of a horn-dog, Steve is also quite fond of a good old sex story.

So now he is going to bring these two worlds together and tangibly do something to make the planet a bit better! Fringe activism!

Like Jesus with nob jokes.

As seen on Scared of Santa (Discovery Family), Sinbad (Sky) Lift (Net TV). Comedy Knights Comedy Shorts (Net TV). As heard on Colourful Radio London, XFM Malta, SBS Melbourne. Writing credits include Newsjack (BBC Radio 4), plus a number of scripts currently shortlisted for Class Dismissed on CBBC.

"Hili is all presence" - The Wee Review
“The energy of a dog that needs to be taken out” – VICE
“A reminder of the power of comedy “ – LovinMalta.

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