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Brandon Barrett: BRAIN ACCESS

Brandon Barrett: Brain Access

The Friends of The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Trust (SCIO), Trongate, Glasgow, UK

19:30 on 16/03/2019

20:30 on 16/03/2019


“The Scottish Young Magician Of The Year” is back! Brandon Barrett will impress you with his magic while making you laugh.

Brandon brings you his show Brain Access, a show that will make you think in new ways. Throughout the show Brandon will access your mind using Subliminal forces, physiology and word play techniques.

Mixing comedy, mind reading, hypnosis demonstrations. Brandon brings you his show Brain Access.

The things in this show are not just impossible they are improbable beyond belief.

“Unbelievable but quite believable” ITV

“His magic talent are both fun and impressive” The Wee Review

“He impresses the audience while joking about their expectations” The World Magic Review

Age Restrictions:


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