Bollywood comedy night  3 november

Bollywood Comedy Night in Paris Friday 30th November

Krishna Bagadiya

La Bohème du Tertre, Place du Tertre, Paris, France

20:00 on 30/11/2018

21:00 on 30/11/2018


An hour of spicy stand-up comedy with top international comedians right here in Paris. Come and laugh at everything under the sun, (but mostly at France and the French!) No songs, No dance, No curry, Only jokes! 99% English 1% French. Happening in an underground cabaret by the Sacré-Coeur.

* Entry with one drink minimum at the bar. Exit with cash tips for the comedians!

Krishna teaches the French how to speak English in the day, and in the evening he makes jokes on being an Indian in the land of Cheese and Striped clothing.

His comedy videos have been seen by more than 12 Million people around the world.


Show is free with a drink of 7 euros at the bar to pay for the venue. Cash tips for the comedians at the end of the show are welcomed.