Cover th proper class quiz

Fri 29th May 2020 at 9:00pm ends 10:00pm

Character, Adult, Improv, Variety, Stand-Up Comedy

Shoe Cake Comedy presents:


Join Middlesbrough Comedian | Podcaster | Vlogger | Arsehole - Ted Hanky as he hosts  ANOTHER OF HIS LEGENDARY QUIZ NIGHT'S WITH A DIFFERENCE!!  - Raising more money for the NHS with a number of funny, flange tickling rounds where someone will win a cash prize.

FEATURING SOME OF THE BIGGEST NAMES IN TELLY, COMEDY, FOOTBALL ETC ..... (that I could blackmail) .... I've got some awesome guest quiz questions for you, all of who are kindly giving up their time for free!

The last quiz featured celebs and famous faces .... Chris Kamara, Steph McGovern, Vaun Earl Norman, Kay Murray Neil Maddison, Dean Windass, Mark Crossely, Sarah O'Connell, Fran Garrity, President Trump, Dean Moore, Tyson Fury, Morgan Freeman, Tommy Shelby, David Attenborough, Sean Connery, and Lady Gaga.

WIN £50
by having the best brain n'tha - 100% of the remaining ticket proceeds will go to the NHS COVID-19 Appeal.

Expect surreal questions, video clips, special celebrity guests & some of the maddest shit you will ever see on a virtual quiz night.

Streamed live via Facebook, just purchase a ticket for £3.50 & click the emailed quiz link to take part in the live show. Play as a family or buy a ticket each and go head to head.

All you then have to do is grab a few drinks and  cast the show onto your large Bright House financed televisions.

DON'T BE LATE, we start bang on 9pm ya Doyle's.


  • You will need 2 devices (phone, computer or tablet). 
    • One to play the quiz on and one to watch the live Facebook stream on.

  • Click the reminder link on the Ted Hanky FB page once its posted:

  • Once you have bought a ticket you will receive a special quiz link to play via email

  • You can activate this link anytime but won't be able to take part until Ted starts the quiz

  • There will be a mixture of multiple choice questions and video clips to play on your device.

  • Questions are timed and your answers will be in real time

  • Anyone caught to be cheating i.e. Googling will be hunted down and seriously T-Bagged!

How to play

  1. The game starts with a question and several answers.

    • There could be more than one correct answer.

    • At least one answer option in a list is incorrect

    • There will be some video clip rounds. The allotted time will be paused giving you time to watch the clip. The clock will then start giving you sufficient time to answer the question

    • All questions will appear on your device and will also be read out by Ted on the live Facebook stream.

  2. Select the answer(s) on your device and then click on the "Answer" button.
    • The first three players who answer correctly get bonus points. 

  3. At the end of the game a Leader board is shown.

    • If players have the same number of points, the winner will be the one who answered fastest on the last question.

    • The winner will then receive a special code to quote when claiming their cash prize

    • The winner will also be invited to come onto the show at the end via video link (optional - not compulsory) 

Donations can also be made via my Jokepit page here:
All the money minus a small processing fee goes direct to the NHS.

Line Up:
Ted Hanky

Age Restrictions:

Venue opens at:

Venue closes at:

Other Information:

There are only a limited number of tickets available to play the quiz. Therefore please do not share the quiz link you receive with other people or post it publicly.  It is exclusively for ticket buyers only and anyone taking part in the virtual quiz without a ticket will be removed from the game. 
Other people will be able to watch the quiz for free on Facebook but they won't be able to play the official quiz and compete for the cash prize. 




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