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Thu 17th Sep 2020 at 8:00pm ends 9:00pm

This event is cancelled

Variety, Stand-Up Comedy

NextUp Comedy presents:

Mat Ewins: 'Retrospective' // Live On Zoom


Promising a mix of classic gold as well as some unseen videos (unless you were at the caves in Edinburgh 2012) it’s sure to be as irreverent and bonkers as ever.★★★★ - The TimesTimings:The show can be streamed WORLDWIDE and starts at 8pm (London Time).

Line Up:
Mat Ewins

Other Information:

ABOUT THE ORGANISERS: NEXTUP & COVID-19At NextUp, our mission is to amplify the power of comedy whilst supporting comedians and the wider comedy community in as many ways as possible.Since COVID-19, we've been flat out trying to support performers as best we can, initiatives include:

  • A Just Giving fundraising campaign to financially support comedians who need it most. At the time of writing it's raised over £100,000.

  • A live-streaming service called NextUp Now that gives comedians a virtual live-streaming stage to perform and earn revenue from.

  • Doubling our commission payouts to any venue or comedian who promotes our video subscription service, helping them earn easy additional revenue.

  • Ticketed live gigs via Zoom (like this one) that present comedians a 'closed-door' comedy club-like scenario to practice their material and earn revenue from.

It's going to be a while before live comedy returns to its normal state but we're determined in the meantime to create a working model that benefits everyone and we'd like to thank you for your supporting this gig, and live comedy.Want to find out more about NextUp? Click here...
House Rules

  • Tickets are limited so please don't wait to grab yours.

  • The virtual comedy gig takes place in a Zoom meeting so be sure you have that app on your computer or phone. Make sure your microphone input volume is set to 40% and you wear headphones so we can hear everyone and there's no feedback. We'd encourage you to turn your video on too but that's optional. Like a comedy gig, the focus is on the performer but it's nice to generate a bit of a virtual atmosphere, so the more of you we can see and hear, the better.

  • Also like an in-person comedy gig, you can be also be removed by the host if you decide to fly off the chain.

  • Please note: that by attending this gig - you consent to you image being used for promotional purposes.

  • Once you've bought a ticket, you will be emailed a unique Zoom link for you to login with. Only one person can use each Zoom link so please do not share your link or both people won't get in.



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