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Wed 3rd Feb 2021 at 7:00pm ends 9:30pm

Funny Women presents:



Comedy Workout - Bringing the Funny Women community together!

About this Event

Funny Women is inviting you to the February edition of our Comedy Workout - a varied programme designed to bring the community closer together, whether it's to warm up our creative brains, flex our chuckle muscles, or stretch out our funny bones.
This month we are focusing on how even in confined spaces there is still scope to get creative and play, and additionally looking at identity and what an important part it plays in our work and our industry. Leading us on this adventure is none other than the great Mara Joy!Mara Joy is a queer trans improviser with 12 years of experience based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is a member of the Scottish Comedy Award-winning Spontaneous Players and performs in the two person show Me Plus One, an unstructured two person improv show with a different guest each time. She has performed at ten Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, the Birmingham Improv Festival, the Copenhagen International Improv Festival and headlined Zeal: the Pride Improv Festival. She is a former member of TBC Improv, with whom she was a teacher for 5 years, before starting to run her own improv classes in 2019.
She has been lucky enough to train with teachers from all over the world including people like Craig Cackowski, Coleen Doyle, Jason Schotts, Pippa Evan and, Dave Razowski and companies such as The Maydays, The Nursery Theatre, iO and The Improv Place. She continues to take as many classes as possible with as many different people as possible, believing that you can never stop learning.
Virtual communications has meant that the strength and reach of our community has been amazing to work with all our regional producers across the UK and Europe, and introduce new connections in Melbourne, Australia, Boston USA and Singapore! This month's session has been designed and is being headed by our producer in Edinburgh Sara Palomarr.



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