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Sat 10th Jul 2021 at 10:00pm ends 11:00pm

Electric Palace, High Street, Hastings, UK - Map

Sketch, Stand-Up Comedy

Hastings Fringe Comedy Festival 2021 presents:

Tony Law: A Now Begin in Again


Tony Law: A Now Begin in Again.An ageing so called comedian comes out the other end of the plague of Justinian while time travelling and learns absolutely nothing going into our most recent bollockstes. How(sic) is life about?  Wtf was that? anyone dream in Zelda?  There really is no point in any of it.  Start what again?  It was way shitter for way more people than me but that doesn’t stop me feeling sorry for myself.  I’ve rotted. Really hadn’t handled that well until I harnessed the power of time travel.  Work in pro - gress I’ll try to be funny for a minimum of an hour but I don’t really know what techniques I’ll use. Probably shouting and then quiet talking and a whole bunch of arseing and clowning. Thank you. 

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Tony Law

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Tony Law: A Now Begin in Again

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