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West Didsbury Comedy Festival presents:

Pull Back Reveal Live: Boothby Graffoe


BOOTHBY GRAFFOE joins us online for a live version of the comedy interview podcast PULL BACK REVEAL as part of WEST DIDSBURY COMEDY FESTIVAL.

Hosted by Kev Rook we'll be chatting to Boothby about his career, influences, song writing and no doubt a fair peppering of irrelevance too - plus Boothby has promised to pick up his guitar a couple of times too. In what will be a 100% who knows what will happen show, one thing you can guarantee is a wonderful hour in the company of one of the absolute best in the business! 

‘A musical comedy act who is more musical than most musicians, and funnier than most comedians.' - Stewart Lee 
'If I had to compare him to anyone, it would be Spike Milligan.' - Omid Djalili
"Sings songs that are both beautiful and funny" - The Guardian
"'s not fair to call them comedy songs, they are much more than that, there are some i would dare to call genius." -The Times
"Buy two copies of his cd because you'll want to share but you won't want to give it away." -The Scotsman


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