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'I know it's OK' by Stephanie Aird


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I Bring To You…..
On New Years Day 2022 as my family left after the party the night before…..
I got very upset as I always do when they leave. 
I started to cry like a softy and I would have got myself in a state. So I decided to have a walk out with Teddy. The song came into my head and I was thinking of lyrics as a squirrel ran by.  It’s a very cheesy song but it’ll always be a lovely reminder of my time at the farmhouse AND how to distract myself from dark moments 😍❤️💋

Ps. About a lyric in the song - My daughter Abbie said “log rhymes better with dog rather than rock” but I told her I wasn’t sat on a log I was sat on a rock 😀
Hope you enjoy it,
Much love,
Steph ❤️



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