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Emo is a South Sudanese stand-up comedian based out of Perth Western Australia. 

Being a proud black male Emo's stand up comedy is one of empowerment, growing in Australia forced to use Pink "skin coloured bandaids" due to the fact black and brown didn't exist Emo decided to release his new car air freshener to show his existence. 

The air freshener is Emo's way of reaching all walks of life to show a young man spreading love and laughter through his comedy.

Purchasing this air freshener helps Emo reach everyone around the globe and shine a light on an individual that wants to change the world one laugh at a time.

All air fresheners have Emo's social media details so each person can follow this incredible journey. 

There are 5 air freshener scents to choose from.

1. Pine
2. New car
3. Bubble gum
4. Black ice
5. Vanilla



There are 5 air freshener scents to choose from, tell me which ones you want on the next page!

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