Alfie Noakes and We Are Funny Project presents:

Downloadable Comedy Course "How To Be A Brilliant Stand-Up Comedy MC"


This course is only available until May 4th 2021 and then will become unavailable until much later in the year.

MC Alfie Noakes has hosted over 1000 comedy gigs, produced over 1500 shows and has run into pretty much every issue and triumph that the pivotal role of being the MC requires. Across 15 sessions, over 40 chapters, MC Alfie Noakes will take you through all you need to know on how to make the most of being on stage first, last and longest...

Every session ends with a practical task/challenge and has a download recapping the key takeaways. Whether you have never MCed before, or have had a taste and want to get better, funnier, faster and stronger this is the course for you.

SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER. If bought alongside the course "Stepping Into Stand-Up Comedy" there is a £60 discount, also only available until May 4th 2021.

"Stepping Into Stand-Up Comedy" is the online course, 20+ chapters long, that is especially designed for those who wish to try comedy or are still in their first year/100 gigs. The downloadable sessions have a multitude of practical joke-writing exercises plus lashings of advice on how to get the very most from the open mike circuit.



For comedians who want to learn the skills of an MC and boost their chops as comedian

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