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Buy Me A Coffee


Hey everyone, I am Juliana Heng, an up-and-coming stand-up comedian in Malaysia.

Let me get real here : My savings have been wiped out in the pandemic & I have maxed out my credit cards.

Although live entertainment is back, my pay as a gig economy worker is not regular.

Most of the time, I work for free to build my experience.

Even when money do come, it has to go elsewhere shortly (Rent, bills, food, transport & exigencies like falling sick, repairs when electrical switches are faulty causing danger to me and my pets).

Hence, I am not able to save anything for the past few months. 

For the past 2 years, I have experienced all forms of poverty related trauma: 

1) Almost homeless when I am unable to pay my rent.

2) Phone service got cut when I am unable to pay my phone bill. 

3) Eating scraps of food (sometimes expired) in the home as I cannot even afford to shop for groceries.

4) Not able to go out unless I have a paid gig as transport cost is exorbitant (specifically Uber).

5) Not seeing a doctor when I fall sick because I need the consultation fee to pay for food.

6) Reducing pet food for my dog and cat as their food is more expensive than mine. My heart aches for them...

7) When I am desperate, I borrowed some money from my friends. However, I am getting sick of it because I am unable to return them. I felt that I have let my friends down.

I have suicidal thoughts from time to time because I am tired of not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Realistically, everyone needs a 6 month buffer savings so they are able to cover necessities and handle exigencies as and when it happened.

Due to my circumstances, there are times I don't even have RM10 to my name. 

I am at my wits end. 

So I am reaching out to the kind souls out there who can help my rebuild my savings through "Buy Me A Coffee" so that I am emotionally stable to keep hustling as a comedian, creating more good comedy to make you all laugh!

No amount is too small. Every cup of coffee is powerful.

Buy me a coffee here :

Really appreciate your helping hand. 

Thank you very much!


Much love,

Juliana Heng


Hey Peeps, I am on “Buy Me A Coffee”. If you wanna support me so I can keep creating, feel free to chip in!

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