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Hey everyone, I am Juliana Heng!

I am an autistic stand-up comedian based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Recently, I got the offer to perform my solo show, Walking on Spectrum at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Walking on Spectrum is a medley show that explores different ways to tell my life story as someone on the autism spectrum through stand-up comedy, spoken word, and storytelling.

Walking on Spectrum was awarded :

‘Most Inspiring Work’ (The Asheville FRINGE Arts Festival 2021)

‘Best Comedy’ and ‘The Borderlands and Beyond Award’ (Tucson Fringe Festival 2021)

‘Best Solo Show’ and ‘Best of Fringe’ (Front-Row Fringe Festival 2022)

Since autism has not been extensively discussed in the field of performing arts, I am blessed to be a pioneer when it comes to contributing my voice to this fraternity.

I speak about my autism with the hope that fellow autists & parents with autistic children can have a light hearted yet thoughtful way of relooking at autism as a gift that completes the world we live in.

The show will be happening from 5 - 27 August 2023 at The Strathmore Bar, 17 Iona St, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8SG, United Kingdom.

Although there is no venue hire charge for this show, I need to cover all other expenses including travel and accommodation.

At the moment, I am short of funds to :

Buy a flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Edinburgh.

Paying for accommodation in Edinburgh.

Paying for my living expenses while I am there.

If you wanna chip in for my journey to get to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I will thank you my whole life!

There is no minimum donation because every dollar matters.

Looking forward to sharing my heart & soul to people from all around the world & making Malaysia proud!


Much love,

Juliana Heng


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