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Marcel Lucont presents:

Album: Flâneur, Raconteur, Bon-Viveur (2018)


Marcel's 2018 album, in a gatefold sleeve.

1. Je M'Appelle Marcel (live)
2. Women And Wine
3. (The Only Thing That's Real Is) Me
4. May Contain Traces Of Food
5. Not The Face
6. Fifty Actual Ways To Leave Your Lover (live)
7. Poem: Ode To The Manly Man (live)
8. Poem: Let's Go Wild (live)
9. Poem: Fucking Pensioners (live)
10. Poem: Bravo Britannia

[Bonus tracks]
11. Great Time To Be A Pessimist
12. Poem: Holy Fuck

The bonus tracks are available via the download code which is sent with the CD.


Marcel's seminal 2018 album, with 6 songs andd 7 poems

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