The Hanky Panky Comedy Club presents:

A Donation to local mental health charity Red Balloons!


DID YOU KNOW? Suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under the age of 50?


DID YOU KNOW? The north east HAS THE HIGHEST suicide rate in England?

(14.1 per 100,000)


DID YOU KNOW? In 2018, Middlesbrough was dubbed the suicide capital of the uk? 

The suicide rates were 70% higher than the national average.


These stats are all connected to the stigma of mental health ... we need to talk more ... we need to look out for each other more ... facts!


All profits from this donation will go to local Teesside mental health charity Red Balloons. Red Balloons uses Peer Support to help people with their mental health. All the Volunteers have lived experience of mental ill health and use that experience to give people a safe space to talk about how they feel. They combine this with physical activity so people can use this to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

They are a mint, supportive charity!


You can also buy a mug or a calendar .... profits will also go to this charity!

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