Episode 6 of Benny Things UP

 Hi guys I am going to be interviewing two Disabled comedians I will be asking them how they cope with their disability in these crazy times and how it effects their take on comedy this week we have got. 

we will be live on Facebook , YouTube And Periscope 
Joining me this week is 

Kitty has only been on the stand-up circuit since June 2019, but her very first gig earned her a nomination as a finalist for the NCF New Act of the Year Award 2019. From there, she has enjoyed bringing her unique perspective to audiences, with observations and anecdotes about her life as a bisexual, polyamorous woman of colour. Like many creatives and comedians, she also lives with mental illness and neurodiversity, with a dual-diagnosis of both bipolar disorder (type 2) and ADHD. Although she was a high academic achiever throughout school and university, her struggles with depression and executive dysfunction caused her to drop out of two different post-graduate degrees, as well as multiple jobs and hobbies. So far, though, she has managed to maintain her enthusiasm for the comedy stage, and hopes to harness her hyperactive, distractible, hypomanic energy for creative output and to fight the depression off with laughte

Jimi Longmuir wandered into comedy by mistake in October 2018 and has kept doing it since then for some reason. He has gigged all over Scotland and sometimes the audience even laughs at the things he says onstage. Since Lockdown started, he has kept going with zoom gigs, online videos and speaks to fellow comedians about the international scene that has sprung up on his podcast called 'Oh Lockdown. How We Laughed...

Benny Shakes

"Benny Shakes is a powerhouse of ‘funny’ built on a foundation of clever joke writing, from the daily struggles of living with a disability to he’s observations on redneck life. Benny is a relatable and affable comic who 'raises the roof' every time

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