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Andy Storey The Awkwardian Society Facebook Page. (Please visit and press like)

The Awkwardian Society page was created by me for you, for us.  Are you awkward? Do you hide behind your partner at a social event, or freeze when the doorbell rings? Do you worry about your reaction face when someone is telling you a story? 

I am presently looking for people to interview for my 'Awkward Interviews.' Visit my YouTube channel - Andy Storey Comedian - and have a look. If you would like to be a part of the interviews then email me - - and I will send you the 8 questions and then we can Zoom interview, and you can appear on my channel. 

I went to a working class comprehensive school and was very dyslexic in it.I’m very fond of a tin of pineapple rings.I can do about 12 push-ups.I’m learning how to skip in the back garden.I have an Elvis shed.I wear Silvikrin firm hold hairspray on my hair and beard.I’m not scared of life or people, I’m just thoughtful, a little bit ‘me me me’ and enjoy my own silence. I have low self esteem, but not in a negative way. It’s mostly been a fuel, and a driving force.We are all fragile, but that is a blessing. So don’t cover the cracks. 
I am Stand-up comedian Andy Storey and I host Anxiety Vlog on my YouTube channel. It’s purpose is to share stories of social anxiety, and awkward happenings, and have you share them back. You email me your things (Things that make you anxious, stories, tales of cringe, or things that help you, make you feel safe. I for example often wear two vests at the same time to feel more confident.) and I include them in the weekly Vlog.

If you make art of any kind, take a picture of it, email it and I will display it, show it off, talk about it on the Vlog. The Awkwardian Society badge was made in this way. Also the amazing drawing you see above. 

Take a little look at the YouTube channel and the Anxiety Vlog’s, if it’s for you, please consider subscribing by clicking the red subscribe button at the bottom of the video, so we can keep in touch, and up to date. And email me your awkward happenings, and/or your art, and join us in the Awkwardian Society. Anxiety Vlog although humorous, does often cover themes of low self esteem. dyslexia, worry, fears and sadness. “Awkwardian is the empowering name given to the social outsider, the eccentric and the socially awkward. What society deems as a weakness, through your art and life can become your super power.” Andy Storey.

Andy Storey

Hi I'm Andy Storey Stand-up Comedian. Every week I post Anxiety Vlog, (for the socially awkward) on my YouTube channel which promises advice, funny stories, observations on human awkwardness and tips on how to survive life with social anxiety and low self esteem. It's mainly light hearted and fun but can cover topics such as, dyslexia (which I have) worry, death, low self esteem (me again) and day-to-day fears. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and join the community of Fellow Awkwardians. You can also watch Video's of my LIVE Stand-up comedy. I'm agent is Mike at MLA Talent so book me for LIVE work.

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