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Joanne Tremarco



Award-ing solo #improv #fool comic/tragic dis-covery play. 
Self-Employed at Fool Size Theatre, Practitioner at Arcade Of Fools and Fool at The Nomadic Academy for Fools

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Joanne Tremarco

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Press, Quotes, Awards:
A genuinely remarkable piece of theatre. ..Utterly captivating' Fergus Morgan

"Tremarco is brilliantly physically dynamic throughout, both facially and corporeally, creating a captivating magnetism that holds those watching rapt". Edinburgh Fringe Review *****

pure performance to a degree of style and spontaneity we rarely have the good fortune to see.

'Quick-witted Tremarco conjured comedic naughty bits of varying size and depth from reactions elicited directly from the audience with the fearless energy of a street performer. She took on pornography, autoeroticism, and childhood sex education using her pink dress pulled over her head as a gigantic vaginal—er, visual aid.

Working from a mental map of feminist topics in Herstory, she navigated adroitly through darker themes like rape, exploitation and female circumcision with a disarming humor and magnetic personality.

" a genuinely remarkable piece of theatre ... Tremarco is utterly captivating."
***** Fergus Morgan, Ed Fringe Review 2014

"a quick comedian who’s quirky, humble being creates inventive theatre." Buxton Fringe Review 2015

"raising serious issues in a humorous and entertaining way. A seriously good hour’s theatre." Buxton Review 2016