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barca4huzaifa says:

I'm the only watching in 2015

jamie griffith says:

Your so much better than chef brilliance D: don't go

Noah French says:


Owen Eastwood says:


Shunga4 says:

I love english humour

TheBritishBronies says:

Wow, this is so vaguely reminiscent of the TV show Bottom in some ways.
Knighthood is very much like Rik Mayall imo. This show keeps getting better

E15Waheed says:


lopresti101 says:

Same guys new spandex! You mean..... Ahh I get it!

The Multiverse says:

Same guys. New spandex.

Ann H says:

Another day saved by knighthood and decoy.

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KnightHood and Decoy push a man over the edge.

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KnightHood and Decoy do what they do best. Drink until they can no longer see straight and then try and prevent a suicide. Just another day...

About KnightHood & Decoy:

Every city needs its superheroes. Unfortunately for London, it has KnightHood & Decoy.

Nothing can stop these masked heroes in the execution of their duty. Well, perhaps maybe if it's raining badly. Or if they're totes knackered. And I mean if MasterChef's on, forget it.

Not to be confused with Batman and Robin, who are awesome.

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